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2017 Beast of The East

Men's Gold Champions: Russell's Paint (FL)

We've posted a few pictures and  more information is below. Thanks to all the teams for your patience and understanding in regards to the weather this weekend.   

Men's Gold:
Champions Russell's Paint (FL)
2. RFA/Diamond & Ice (VA/MD)
3. Tru Sports (MD)
4. Rock Solid (VA)

Men's Silver:
Champions: Game Day Marketing (NC)
2. Top Notch (MD)
3. Zibo's (VA)
4. Oessco (VA)

Men's Bronze:
Champions: New Breed/BAF (VA)
2. Mt. Crushmore (MD)
3. Mathias Mafia (WV)
4. VA Tailgaters (VA)

Men's Black American:
Champions: Team Legends/BAF  (VA)
2. Loose Cannons (VA)
3. Cooke's (VA)
4. FOE (NC)

Men's Gold Playoff Scores

Norwood 24 SAL-8 22
E Shore 18 Mojo 17
Russell's 23 Terry's 17
Rock Solid 23 Norwood 17
Tru Sports 22 E Shore 18
RFA 21 BAE 20
Russell's 25 Rock Solid 22
RFA 28 Tru SPorts 26
Sal-8 20 BAE 10
Terry's 26 Mojo 10
BAE def. EShore
Mojo def SAL-8
Norwood def EShore
BAE def Terry's 
Norwood def Mojo
Tru Sports 27 BAE 17
Rock Solid 25 Norwood 21
Tru Sports 22 Rock Solid 14
RFA 29 Russell's 26
Russell's def Tru Sports
Russells 24 RFA 9
Russell's 21 RFA 20

Game Day Marketing (NC) 2017 Beast of The East Men's Silver Champions

Men's Silver Playoff Scores: Champions: Game Day Marketing (NC)

2017 Beast of the East
Men’s Silver Playoff Scores:

Top Notch 14 Military Heroes 7
Bush & Taylor def High Tide
Mizuno def S&K/KRUSH
Oessco 20 BTA 6
Structural Solutions 15 Maulers 11
Game Day Marketing 18 Sportsman Shop 7
Zibo’s 17 Tribe/Inferno 7
Bams Crew 26 GHC/BAF 9
Top Notch 22 Bush & Taylor 9
Oessco 21 Mizuno 12
Game Day Marketing 19 Structural Solutions 6
Zibo’s 19 Bams Crew 18
Top Notch 19 Oessco 14
Zibo’s 21 Game Day Marketing 16
Top Notch 13 Zibo’s 8
Game Day Marketing 21 Top Notch 10
Game Day Marketing def Top Notch (if game)

Loser’s Bracket
Military Heroes 12
BTA 15 S&K 11
Sportsman 16 Maulers 6
GHC/BAF 22 Tribe/Inferno 11
S&K 20 Military Heroes 16
High Tide 23 BTA 21
Sportsman 20 Tribe/Inferno 15
Maulers 21 GHC/BAF 9
Bams Crew def S&K
Structural Solutions 17 High Tide 13
Sportsman Shop 20 Mizuno 19
Maulers 29 Bush & Taylor 18
Bams Crew def Strucural Solutions
Sportsman Shop 19 Maulers 8
Oessco 25 Bams Crew 4
Game Day Marketing 24 Sportsman Shop 14
Game Day Marketing 20 Oessco 10
Game Day Marketing 17 Zibo’s 16

New Breed/BAF 2017 Beast of The East Bronze Champions

Team Legends/BAF (VA) 2017 Beast of The East Black American Champions

Refund/Credit Info


Some Men's Bronze teams did not complete 6 games.  Leaving the tournament before the rain forced us to change the format means some of your games may be counted as forfeits which counts as a game played.

If you were in the tournament and did not get your 6 games, you will receive a credit or partial refund based on the number of games you did not play.  The partial refund/credit is $30 per game "not played".
To get this refund, please email me your team name, and mailing address and who to make the check out to:

If you would like to apply it as a credit, just let me know to which SoftballNation tournament and we will take care of it from there.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
The good news is, we did complete most of the tournament and awarded the trophies and prize money to all champions in each division.

Beast of The East All Tournament Teams

Men's Gold: TBA
Russell's Paint: TBA
RFA/Diamond & Ice: TBA
Keon Gaskin (Tru Sports)
Leon Bass (Tru Sports)

Men's Silver:  MVP: Derrick Knight (Game Day Marketing)
MVP: Darryl Disque (Top Notch)
All Tournament Team:
Adam Keith (Game Day Marketing)
Brian Massey (Game Day Marketing)
Brandon Harris (Game Day Marketing)
Shane Coston (Game Day Marketing)
Robbie Holderfield (Top Notch)
JB Saqienza (Top Notch)
Jon Henderson (Top Notch)
Brandon Belton (Zibo's)
Josh Rigney (Zibo's)
Mike Smith (Oessco)

Men's Bronze:
MVP: New Breed/BAF: Bradley Johnston
MVP: Mt Crushmore: Jeff Gass
All Tournament Team:
Brian Wood  (New Breed/BAF)
Josh Martin (New Breed/BAF)
DJ Benett (New Breed/BAF)
Adam Duncaon (New Breed/BAF)
Andrew Fenwick (Mt Crushmore)
Chris Lawrence (Mt Crushmore)
Jacob Taylor (Mt Crushmore)
Devin Hamilton (Mathias Mafia)
Dane Biller (Mathias Mafia)

Black American: MVP: Justin Bishop (Team Legend/BAF)
Rob Whitfield (Team Legend/BAF)
Voshon Brown (Team Legend/BAF)
Darius Scruggs (Team Legend/BAF)
James Jones (Team Legennd/BAF)
Loose Cannons MVP: Chad 
Cleveland Walker (Loose Cannons)
T. Ford (Loose Cannons)
William (Loose Cannons)

Jimmy Segrue (Cooke's)
Jessie Rather (Cooke's)
Marvin Huston (FOE)

Top Notch (MD) 2017 Beast of The East Men's Silver Runner Up

Mt Crushmore (MD) Men's Bronze Runner Up

Loose Cannons (2017 Beast of the East Black American Runner Up)

Black America Playoff Results: Champions: Team Legends/BAF

DMP 22 C&M 21
Unity 20 Team Xtreme 2
FOE 17 Dying breed 2
Loose Cannons 19 DMP 6
Team Legends 12 Unity 11
Cooke's 17 Woodlawn 11
Loose Cannons 21 FOE 13
Team Legends def. Cooke's
Team Legends 19 Loose Cannons 5
Woodlawn 13 C&M 3
Unity 22 DMP 9
Dying Breed def. Team Xtreme
DMP 13 C&M 12
Woodlawn 19 Team Xtreme 8
Dying Breed 13 DMP 10
Woodlawn def. Unity
Cooke's 17 Dying Breed 16
FOE 15 Woodlawn 13
Cooke's 26 FOE 10
Loose Cannons 16 Cooke's 13
Loose Cannons 23 Team Legends 18
(IF Game)
Team Legends defeated Loose Cannons

TJ Daneker (Upper Division Home Run Derby Champion) 8 HR's on 10 Pitches

Nathan Peterson (Lower Division Home Run Derby Champion) 6 HR's on 10 Pitches

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