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Thanks For Playing and Congratulations to the Champions in Each Division

Men's Gold Champions: COD

Men's Gold Runner Up: TRU

Men's Silver Champions: Flooring RVA

Men's Bronze CHampions: DCLG/Spencer's

Men's Bronze Runner Up: OESSCO

All Tournament Teams

Men's Gold:
Brian Renner (MVP) COD
Jimmy Ward (COD)
Joel Sanchez (COD)
Corey Boothe (COD)
Tyler Wilds (COD)
Chris Sherman (TRU)
David Lamero (TRU)
Jeff Porter (TRU)
Tanai Austin (TRU)

Men's Silver:
MVP: Sam Ork (Flooring RVA)
Ray Salmon (Flooring RVA)
Dwayne Hall (Flooring RVA)
Jonathan Mason (Flooring RVA)
Mike Walker (Flooring RVA)
Justin Brown (The Franchise)
Will Woodruff (The Franchise)
Chad Napier (The Franchise)
Hunter Cook (RLC)
Josh Stallings (RLC)
Jordy Bibbs (Buck & The Boys)

Men's Bronze:
Gus Espinoza MVP (DCLG/Spencers)
Chad Coulter (DCLG/Spencers)
Mike Creed (DCLG/Spencers)
Chris Atkins (DCLG/Spencers)
Josin Brady (DCLG/Spencers)
Brennan Iley (OESSCO)
Billy Nixon (OESSCO)
Tab Griffey (OESSCO)
Shane Haggard (Ebby's)
Stephen Hardisty (Ebby's)

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