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Beast of The East 2022

Beast of The East: Men's Gold Champions (SAL_8)

Men's Gold Runner Up: Mojo

Men's Silver Champions: JT/Tidewater Services

Men's Silver Runner Up: Buck & The Boys/Norwood

Men's Silver 3rd Place: CMW

Heart of Virginia Softball (Men's Bronze Champions)

Riko's Minnows (Men's Bronze Runner Up)

Big Tymers (Men's Bronze 3rd Place)

The Core Reloaded (Men's Rec Champions)

Bubba Softball (Men's Rec Runner Up)

Men's Gold Champions: Sal-8

Men's Gold MVP: 
Co MVPS: Brandton Belton, Corey Matherly (SAL-8)

Gold All Tournament Team:
Brandon Perry  (SAL-8)
Jake Chrismon (SAL-8)
Josh Rigney (SAL-8)
Zack Ransom (SAL-8)
DJ Engler (MOJO)
Jonathan Mason (MOJO)
Rob Kidwell (MOJO)
Dwayne Hall (MOJO)
John Nicholson (Anchor)
Jordy Bibbs (Anchor)

Men's Silver Champions: JT/Tidewater

Men's Silver MVP: Kyle Mumford (JT/Tidewater)

Men's Silver All Tournament Team:
Gary Jackson (JT/Tidewater)
Jason Barker (JT/Tidewater)
Josh Carr (JT/Tidewater)
Jason Major (JT/Tidewater)
Ryan Moore (Buck & The Boys/Norwood)
Mike Ragan (Buck & The Boys/Norwood)
Bradley Anderson (Buck & The Boys/Norwood)
​​​​​​​Clay Bland (CMW)
​​​​​​​TBD (CMW)
Brooks Rhodes (Tiebreakers/Hwy55/RLC )

Men's Bronze: Champions: Heart of Virginia Softball

Tournament MVP: Rodney Fitzgerald (Heart of Va)
All Tournament Team:
Patrick Mayberry (Heart of VA)
Jesse Whitt (Heart of VA)
Dylan Sligh (Heart of VA)
Scott Cole (Heart of VA)
Joey Broyles (Riko's Minnows)
Eli Sumter (Riko's Minnows)
Eli Morris (Ricko's Minnows)
Brandon Williams (Big Tymers)
Timmy Vaughan (Big Tymers)
Michael Creed (DLCG)

Men's Rec Champions: The Core Reloaded

Tournament MVP: Jack Truchsess (The Core Reloaded)
All Tournament Team:
Ryan Groome (The Core Reloaded)
Robert Egan (The Core Reloaded)
Dawson Smiley (The Core Reloaded)
Nate Trible (The Core Reloaded)
Jon Schrock (Bubba Softball)
Chris Porterfield (Bubba Softball)
Shawn Karr (Bubba Softball)
Ed Switzer (Backwoods Boys)
Colin Hamblin (Backwoods Boys)
Mike Woods (Sandlots)

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