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Chesterfield Adult Leagues 2020

Update: May 8th


Here's an update on league ball for the Spring/Summer Season.

We are now going to officially shorten the season to a seven week season (much like a Fall Ball season). 

This season will begin as soon as we get the green light to play, which I'm hoping will be sometime in June.   If we are delayed until July, we'll still have the season.

We will give you every option to drop out if you decide you don't want to play.  We will also give teams an option to get in if they're not already signed up.

I am contacting the coaches that have already sent their league fees to let them know about this and find out what they want to do.

If your team wants to play in the shortened summer season, let me know by email:

COVID 19 Info as it relates to Adult Leagues


News and information about the COVID 19 virus is changing each and every day so I wanted to put some information here to give you an idea of how I am moving forward as far as our Spring/Summer Adult Leagues are concerned.

1.  Sign Ups:  We are taking a business as usual approach to signing teams up for the leagues with some obvious "IFs and BUTS".

2.  Chesterfield County has put everything on hold "until further notice".   That of course means we don't know the time frame.  It could be two weeks, it could be a month.  No one knows today.

3.  We are taking a week-to-week approach on softball and we are making decisions weekly as we move forward because this situation is very new and very fluid.

4.  REFUND CONCERNS:  If you are worried about getting a refund, DON"T WORRY.    No one knows what will happen going forward, so be assured that if things get delayed for a period of time that makes you decide you don't want to play or whatever, we will accommodate full refunds.    IF we shorten the season or if we change anything to the policy that we've outlined in the sign-up sheet, you will be allowed a chance to DROP OUT.   IF we have a shortened season because of the delay in start, then we will prorate the fee and issue partial refunds.   JUST BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL HAVE EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE ANOTHER DECISION LATER ON AS IT REGARDS LEAGUE FEE.   SO PLEASE DON'T LET THAT BE YOUR CONCERN TODAY.

Finally, on a personal note, I am taking this thing very seriously and will not do anything that will put people in jeopardy.    My parents are both 85 and I have to consider  the danger this thing means to them.   I would urge you to consider people like this too as you move through your daily activities.

2020 League Sign Ups are Underway


Click on the PDF to get the League Sign Up Form for the 2020 Spring Summer Softball Season.

Be sure to look through the info because we are making a special bonus offer for teams to play in an extra Bonus League on Monday Nights.

Save Money and sign up early (before March 1st)

The League Meeting for coaches that have signed up will be Tuesday, March 24th.  

If you have questions, let me know.
Butch Tiller (804) 378-2285

Spring Summer Season Shortened: NEW LEAGUE FEE: $495

Call or email if you want to put a team in the league.

Butch Tiller: 804-378-2285

Chesterfield Seniors

If you are interested in Senior Softball


Questions: Butch Tiller (804) 378-2285

If you are new to the area, or if you are just looking to get on a team, we can put your name on this list for coaches to possibly call you.  Just shoot us an email and let us know you want to be on the list. 

Players Looking For League Teams

Chris Lewis 804-937-0611 infielder
Hillary 804-437-4426 COED Duffer
Ron Althaus 850 525-3283
Steve robidoux 804-305-2398
Cory OKeefe (631) 357-2032
Brother and Sister (804) 512-8287.
Billy 804-840-5614
Sekia Mangum 804-586-0424.
Jacquelyn 804-687-4866
Michael 804-240-2122
Elizabeth (804)986-1052
COED Couple Brian and Kasey
Marshall 804-475-6375
Deanna Scott 804-661-8818