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Aug 1-2 Bring The Heat (Starting Times are posted)

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Aug 1-2 Bring The Heat (Starting Times are posted)
  • All Day, August 1st, 2020
  • 4 Game Format Entry Fee: $425 18u, 16u, 14u, 12u, 10u To Enter: Contact Butch Tiller 804-378-2285
  • Location: Richmond, Virginia

Sunday Playoff Game Times

A1st Bomb Squad  vs  Sluggers FP: 10:30am Iron 9
C2nd Revolution  vs A 2nd Rowdies: 10:30am Iron 10
MD Heat: 1:30pm Iron 9
Delaware Heat: 1:30pm Iron 10

A 4th XZone Harvey vs Bayside Blues: 10:30am Iron 7
B3rd Co Pilots  vs  C4th Mounties: 10:30am Iron 8
Shockers Elite: 1:30pm Iron 7
RVA Pride: 1:30pm Iron 8

G1st Lady Sluggers  vs  D 2nd Hit Doctor: 9:00am Iron 7
H2nd Ruckus Stuckey  vs  G 2nd BR Pressure: 9:00am Iron 8
H1st: Mid ATlantic:  12:00pm Iron 7
D1st: Spotsy Slam 12:00pm Iron 8

G3rd RVA Warriors  vs  D3rd BR Rumble: 12:00pm Iron 9
H3rd Competitive Edge  vs G 4th SWAT:  12:00pm Iron 10

J1st High Voltage  vs  M2nd Va Breeze: 10:30am Warbro 1
L1st Mid Atlanic  vs K2nd Future: 10:30am Warbro 2
K1st Culpeper Xplosion  vs L2nd Bayside Blues: 10:30am Warbro 3
M1st RVA Warriors  vs  J2nd Galaxy: 9:00am Warbro 1

M3rd Hit Doctor  vs  J4th Lady Black Hawks: 9:00am Warbro 2
L3rd IYG Black Widows vs  Top Hand Storm: 9:00am Warbro 3
K3rd: Va Rebellion: 12:00pm Warbro 3
J3rd Havok Wells: 12:00pm Warbro 2

S1st: OC ELite  vs T 4th LC Crushers: 10:30am Iron 5
T2nd Top Hand  vs  S 3rd Nitro: 9:00am Iron 9
S2nd Havok Fiege  vs T3rd Orion Hunter: 9:00am Iron 10
T 1st Chesapeake Rebellion  vs  S4th Bayside Blues: 10:30am Iron 6

Y2nd TSI  vs  X 3rd LC Crushers: 9:00am Iron 5
X2nd Top Hand Powell  vs  Y 3rd Bomb Squad: 9:00am Iron 6
12:00: Havok Moody (Winner Field 5)
12:00: Top Hand Tucker (Winner Field 6)


Starting Times are Posted. CLICK ON the PDF Below

Rain Hotline: 804-378-2285
This line will be updated each morning if there's a chance of inclement weather.

Be sure you read over the COVID related guidelines.

Make sure you know what time you play on Sunday before leaving the field on Saturday.

Beginning with this event, we are now playing OPEN ROSTER through the Fall

Tournament Information

Tournament info: This tournament is a qualifier for the Fast Pitch Nationals.
Entry Fee: $425
Age Groups: 18u, 16u, 14u, 12u, 10u
In our 4 game format tournaments, we usually play 3 pool games on Saturday and feed into a Single Elimination Format on Sunday.
Sometimes we may offer teams a consolation game it time and schedule allows.

To enter your team, contact Butch Tiller by email or phone:  or 804-378-2285

Entry fee of $425 should be sent to:
Make Check Payable to SoftballNation.

210 Huddersfield Drive
Richmond, VA  23236

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