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2018 Fast Pitch Nationals

PA Ball Hawks (2018 Fast Pitch Nationals 18u Champions)

Stafford Black Hawks (18u Runner Up)

Storm (16u Fast Pitch Nationals Champions)

T2G/Nitro (16u Runner Up)

Bay River Rumble Cox (14u Fast Pitch Nationals Champions)

Chesdin Storm Harvey (14u Runner Up)

Hughesville Hustle Cusic (12u Fast Pitch Nationals Champions)

Chesdin Storm Butler (12u Runner Up)

18u All Tournament Team

Briana DiCandelero  (PA Ball Hawks)
Olanna Dovell  (PA Ball Hawks)
Amanda Smith  (PA Ball Hawks)
Kelsie Meriman  (PA Ball Hawks)
Hailey Marsden (Stafford Black Hawks)
Mattie Marsden (Stafford Black Hawks)
Peyton Hawkins (Stafford Black Hawks)
Kiersten Kennedy (Stafford Black Hawks)
TBA: Slammers
TBA: Lady Cardinals

14u All Tournament Team

Nikki Gibson (Bay River Rumble)
Lexi Upton (Bay River Rumble)
Emily Nicolson (Bay River Rumble)
Emma Coldsnow (Bay River Rumble)
Sara Thomas (Chesdin Storm Harvey)
Hailey Darington (Chesdin Storm Harvey)
Molly Ecroyd (Chesdin Storm Harvey)
Serene Haddair (Chesdin Storm Harvey)
Kylie Rosenburger (Great Falls Sharks)
Kammie Brown (Rappahannock Rage)

Turface Can Be Your Friend

16u All Tournament Team

Chelsey McClung (Storm)
Bethany Martz (Storm)
Jaidyn McClung (Storm)
Hailiey Hensley (Storm)
Alexis Pervall (T2G Nitro)
Tiffany Bower (T2G Nitro)
Catera Marsh (T2G Nitro)
Alexis String (T2G Nitro)
Rose Weldenhoft (Severn Bolt)
TBA (Va Stingrays)

12u All Tournament Team

Kit Schrewsburg (Hughesville Hustle Cusic)
Leah Palmer (Hughesville Hustle Cusic)
Sam Cusic (Hughesville Hustle Cusic)
Madison Sharon (Chesdin Storm Butler)
Chelsey Farthing (Chesdin Storm Butler)
Madison Faries (Chesdin Storm Butler)
Anna Quackenbush (Maryland Express)
Maggie Cowan (Maryland Express)
Diamond Jennings (Havok-Bolt)
Ellie Talley (Havok-Bolt)

Umpire Benevolent Fund Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Stephanie Jerrell of the Stafford Black Hawks.   She was selected to receive the SoftballNation Umpire Benevolent Fund Scholarship of $500.

Sponsored By Kings Dominion

Every Player Gets a Pass to Kings Dominion.   It's gonna be a great time.  Get Your Team Entered.

When you Get Lemons, Some People Make Lemonade