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Approved Bat List is on the Main Home Page of the Slow Pitch Section

Softball Nation Equipment Standards

Bats Not Approved for Play with Softball Nation

(SoftballNation Reserves the right to change this list at any time for any reason.)

  • Miken Ultra
  • Miken Ultra II
  • Miken Ultra Maxload
  • Louisville Slugger Genesis SB34
  • Easton Synergy SCX 2

For every division contained inside the SoftballNation Rule Book all equipment must be 100% conforming, 100% of the time. 
SOFTBALLNATION reserves the right to approve or reject any softball related equipment for its intended use in the SOFTBALLNATION Program.

SOFTBALLNATION reserves the right to ban from sanctioned play any piece of equipment that it believes may in any way shape or form be considered dangerous and/or not acceptable for fair play. This includes any equipment that may meet minimum industry standards. Any such ban will be immediate.

SOFTBALLNATION has adopted a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.20 or less. All bats with a BPF of 1.20 or less for the entire length of the barrel or hitting surface are approved for use in SOFTBALLNATION Program.

All bats used in SOFTBALLNATION play must be stamped with a BPF of 1.20 or less (exception: Wooden Bats do not have to be stamped with a BPF of 1.20 and may be used and are legal in all SOFTBALLNATION play if they meet the standards set forth in these rules).

NOTEAny bat that does not comply with these guidelines must be removed from the game, and the bat may no longer be used in any SOFTBALLNATION Sanctioned Play.

NOTE: If a bat is designated age / gender specific it may only be used in that respective division of play. Fast Pitch bats may only be used in Fast Pitch play. Penalty: See Illegal Bat.

Approved Softballs

Optic Yellow, 44 Cor, Max Compression: 400 LBS  (SoftballNation Logo)

THE OFFICIAL SOFTBALL shall be a smooth-seamed, concealed-stitched, or flat-surfaced ball. The center of the ball may be made of either long fiber kapok or mixture of cork and rubber, and/or machine wound, with a fine twisted yarn and covered with latex or rubber cement. Or it may be made of other materials approved by SOFTBALLNATION. The cover of the ball shall be optic yellow, tanned horsehide, cowhide or any other materials approved by SOFTBALLNATION, cemented to the ball by application of cement to the underside of the cover and sewn with waxed cotton or linen thread to form a softball. The solid core ball must be stamped with a label that contains the maximum C.O.R. and compression standards. MAXIMUM C.O.R. is .44 (.47 for Women) Maximum Compression for SOFTBALLNATION softballs is 400 pounds. Directors have the option to use a lower C.O.R. and lower Compression ball. NOTE: The men’s division will use the twelve-inch softball. The women’s division will use the eleven-inch softball.