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Rules and Guidelines for 2024 FP Nationals


We expect this tournament to fill up and we expect to have teams from all over coming to play.

Tournament Rules: 2024 Fast Pitch Nationals

This tournament follows the SoftballNation Rule Book.
For Teams unfamiliar with SoftballNation Rules:

Teams must be registered with SoftballNation for 2024.
Entry Fees for this tournament must  be paid in advance and in full.

Gate Fee: All gate fees are included in the team entry fee.

Format: Pool Play feeding into Double Elimination.

Definition: 23u+:  We allow players older than 23 to participate in the 23u+ division.

23u+ pool play begins on Friday.
8u Teams will begin pool play on Saturday.
8u playoffs will be Single Elimination.
Our rules are generally close to NHSF rules with some exceptions:

Bats:  Must be 1.20 BPF or less,  or approved by NHSF.

You don't need a DH or FLEX player:
Free Subs on Defense:

Teams may bat as many as 12 batters.
Any player may play defense and does not have to be in the batting order.   
You don't need to use a DH or the Flex since we allow Free Subs on Defense.

Courtesy Runners: 
Teams may use a courtesy runner for pitchers and catchers at any time.  The courtesy runner may be a player in the batting order or not in the batting order.  NOTE: If the courtesy runner is on base and her turn to bat comes up, she's automatically out.

Home or Visitor:
Pool Play: Home Team is determined by a coin flip.
Playoffs: The higher seeded team gets their choice of home or visitor.
Championship game: The Undefeated team gets the choice of home or visitor in the first championship game.  If there is an "IF" game, home team will be determined by a coin flip.

Tie Breaker Rules:
1. Two Way Tie:  Head to Head.  The team that won the game between the tied teams receives the higher position.
1a. Two Way Tie but the teams have not played one another: Runs Allowed using the same formula as 2B, then 2C, then 2D.

2. Three Way Tie:
A) Runs Allowed Among the tied teams.  The team with the fewest runs allowed among the games involving only the tied teams will receive the highest finishing position.  The team with the second fewest runs allowed will receive the next highest position and so on.

B) If a three way tie still exists:  Runs allowed among all games played.
C) If a three way tie still exists: The Run Differential (runs scored minus runs allowed) in the games involving the tied teams will determine the finishing positions.  The team with the highest numerical differential receives the uppermost position among the three teams.  The team with the second highest numerical differential receives the uppermost position among the three teams.  The team wit hthe third highest numerical differential receives the third highest position among the three teams.

D) If a three way tie still exists, tournament officials will determine positions by means of a draw.
E) If a two way tie exists after applying rules 2a and/or  2b, tiebreaker reverts to Rule 1.

The tournament director reserves the right to alter the format of the tournament if necessary due to weather delays.


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